ASM Diskgroup not compatible for database usage

Ran into an interesting issue today; while trying to setup a database for a demo with OEM12c and ODA, I got a compatibility warning dealing with ASM. Really more of an info message but it would not allow you pass the step until fixed.


So now, how do you resolve this issue?


  1. Navigate to $OH/assistants/dbca/templates
  2. Edit the template you are trying to use and change the “compatible” line:

<initParam name=”db_name” value=””/>
<initParam name=”dispatchers” value=”(PROTOCOL=TCP) (SERVICE={SID}XDB)”/>
<initParam name=”audit_file_dest” value=”{ORACLE_BASE}/admin/{DB_UNIQUE_NAME}/adump”/>
 <initParam name=”compatible” value=”″/>
<initParam name=”remote_login_passwordfile” value=”EXCLUSIVE”/>

3. Then rerun dbca and create the database

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