Oracle Database Appliance (ODACHK)

With the release of the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), Oracle as added a script that is similar to the check script in the Exadata.  Yes, the ODA is smaller than the Exadata; yet it is still an engineered system.  It only makes sense to have a script that can check the health of the ODA.  The script that is use is called ODACHK. This script can be found in the /opt/oracle/oak/odachk directory. 

The ODACHK script can be used to check all items within the ODA stack (numerous options for OS, GI, DB and CRS).  ODACHK will provide you a view in to where potential problems are within the ODA and the current health of the ODA.

In the odachk directory there is a readme.txt file that explains the usage of the script, when to script should be ran and how to obtain support for the script if needed.

When to run ODACHK:

The ODACHK tool should be ran under the following conditions:

1.  When the Grid Infrastructure and at least one database are all up and running

2.  During times of least load on the system

3.  After initial deployment

4.  Before system maintenance

5.  After system maintenance

6.  Approximately every two months

 How to run the ODACHK:

To run the ODACHK script, you need to be connected to the ODA as the oracle user.  Then you need to navigate to the odachk directory before running odachk.

cd /opt/oracle/oak/odachk

./odachk –a –o verbose



There is a user guide that can be used to help understand the options with odachk.  When you are in the /opt/oracle/oak/odachk directory; you’ll notice a “UserGuide.txt”.  This is just a pointer telling you that the user guide can be downloaded from My Oracle Support (search for odachk).

To save you time, the article number is: 1485630.1


  1. reefkeep · · Reply

    Out of curiosity where are you running this? A rac environment at work, a lab at home, virtual on laptop. I’m interested in getting the oda running locally. Maybe I need to research more 🙂
    Is it just a standalone install?
    How is the ODA an engineered system?
    I’m genuinely interested and just a regular dba 12 years experience
    Thanks – Bob

    1. reefkeep · · Reply

      Ok so I see this is like a mini exadata – not something you’re going to have in your house. Im wondering where you got to practice on this – Im interested.

  2. Bob ~ you are correct, you normally cannot get an ODA for home usage without spending a fair amount of money. I happen to work for a consulting company that has one in house that we use for demos and testing. Being like a mini exadata is not really what it is. Look at it as the step before going to 1/8 of an exadata. It is really a 2 node cluster in a single box. The specs can be found on OTN.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

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