Install OEM Agents silently in any environment


Outlined in this post are the steps that I have used on many installs of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c agents in windows environments.  I have found that this is the simplest way to install agents on a windows box. Yes this will take some time to do one-by-one; however, the process is much simpler than installing Cygwin.  Additionally, the process can be repeated very quickly from system-to-system by moving only the RSP and ZIP files needed for the install.

Silent Install of Oracle EMAgent:

1. On the OMS host move to the OMS_HOME/bin and login using the EMCLI command

cd /oracle/app/oracle/product/12.1/middleware/oms/bin

./emcli login –username=sysman –password=<sysman password>

2. Sync the repository using EMCLI

./emcli sync

Message returned should be “synchronized successfully”

3. List support platforms that are in the repository.

./emcli get_supported_platforms

4. Download the agent image to a temporary location on the OMS host.

./emctl get_agentimage –destination=/mnt/nasbackup/oracle/12.1 –platform=”Linux x86-64” –version=

5. Transfer the file to the Repository host.

6. Unzip the file to the agent_linux-x86-64

unzip ./ -d ./agent_linux-x86-64

7. Edit the agent.rsp file for the specifics to needed during the install.  The file that should be used is the “agent_<name>.rsp” file.

The only thing that should change in the response file (agent_<name>.rsp) is the hostname where the agent is going to be installed.

8. Execute the deployment.

./ AGENT_BASE_DIR=/oracle/app/oracle/product/12.1/agent RESPONSE_FILE=<full path>/agent_<name>.rsp

9. Execute

  1. Exit Oracle (back to the user you logged in as, example: ssc+bia_bcurtis)
  2. Execute the script

$ /oracle/app/oracle/product/12.1/agent/core/

10. At this point, you will have to manually add non-host targets through the OEM console.



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  6. Step 4 is an emcli command, not emctl

    1. Thanks for pointing it out. Will need to update the post.

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