Oracle Golden Gate 12c (12.1.2) released – Finally!!!!

Back in June, Oracle released Oracle Database 12c and everyone went nuts trying to download and start documenting the many new features.  One of the items within the 12c (database) release that I was curious about was how is Oracle Golden Gate going to work with multi-tenant databases.  As I was testing I noticed that there were quite a few new views that were related to Golden Gate (search Golden Gate on this blog to find specifics); however, Oracle Golden Gate 11g would not work with multi-tenant databases (try as I might, not successful).  At that point, I started to ask questions of Oracle about when will the 12c version of Oracle Golden Gate be released.  Everything was quite, until today.  Just  like how I found out about database 12c release, I found out via twitter that Oracle Golden Gate 12c (12.1.2) has been released (finally, now make time to test)!

Besides the other features which I identified in my previous blog posts, this release of Oracle Golden Gate looks to be full of many new features. Click here to review the release notes.  The release notes give you the list of new features that have been included in this release of Oracle Golden Gate.  The nice thing is that some of the features I want to find out more about, finally the documentation is out!  Additionally, the release notes give a good explanation on the direction of Golden Gate and Streams. 

New features included in the 12.1.2 release:

  • Installing Oracle Golden Gate from Oracle Universal Installer
  • Improved performance of integrated capture
  • Integrated Replicat
  • Capture and apply to multi-tenant container databases
  • Three-part object names
  • Native DDL capture
  • Enhanced character set conversion
  • Remote task datatype support

These new features are going to make Oracle Golden Gate even better and enable organizations to make the jump to multi-tenant databases much easier.   As I have time, I will be posting more about the new features.


twitter: @dbasolved


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