#EM12c ( is released!!!!!

This is just a quick post while I’m waiting on a few other things to line up today.  For many of us, the long awaited Release 4 of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is out!  This release of OEM 12c has many exciting improvements and some really cool new stuff.  I cannot remember all of them, but one I’m looking forward to is the AWR Warehouse and figure out how all of it works.  Additionally, BIP is finally installed with the OEM product, no more secondary install!

In the meantime, if you have time and want to start looking, working and figuring out what Oracle has provided for the community in this new release, you can download it here.

Go fourth and enjoy the new features!  I’m looking forward to writing more new posts related to OEM.


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  1. John Hallas · · Reply

    Do you have a link to the AWR warehouse info Bobby? I ask because I run a very large one now and I know some of our experiences have been passed through to Oracle and that rdbms will have support for an AWR ‘warehouse’, however I cannot see anything in the document you link to referring to this

  2. John Hallas · · Reply

    Sorry that should have been RDBMS

    1. John,

      Don’t have specifics on AWR Warehouse yet. All I know is that there are some patches required. I’ll update more once I have a chance to investigate a bit more.



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