#GoldenGate Manager Access Rules

Starting in Oracle GoldenGate, the manager process is more secure than in previous releases of Oracle GoldenGate. After the inital install and running of the Manager process, you may run into the following warning message upon a restart of the Oracle GoldenGate environment:

WARNING OGG-01877 Missing explicit accessrule for server collector.

The inital description of the error message doesn’t make much sense. Using OGGERR, you can find out more about this error message:

$ oggerr ogg-01877
01877, 00000, "Missing explicit accessrule for server collector."
// *Cause: There was no explict ACCESSRULE specified for SERVER.
// *Action: Only allow accessing SERVER from hosts where data pump(s) might

// send trail files to this host.

As you can tell, the error message is pointing you to the ACCESSRULE parameter.

Now that you have more detail, you know that there is a new parameter called ACCESSRULE that needs to be specificed in the manager parameter file. To find out more information on the ACCESSRULE parameter look at this link.

The defnition of this parameter is:

“Use ACCESSRULE to control connection access to the Manager process and the processes under its control. You can establish multiple rules by specifying multiple ACCESSRULE statements in the parameter file and control their priority. To establish priority, you can either list the rules in order from most important to least important,or you can explicitly set the priority of each rule with the PRI option.” 

This parameter is not a default configured parameter for the manager process. This is something that you will need to decided on and how to control access to your environments. The syntax for this parameter is as follows:

ACCESSRULE[, PROG program_name][, IPADDR address][, PRI rule][, login_ID]{,ALLOW | DENY}

There are multiple example of how to define an access rule in the Oracle GoldenGate documentation. The example that I’m providing here is how I resolved the warning message in my Vbox test environment.


With this access rule, you can now start the manager process without issue. You would be allowing access to all processes in the Oracle GoldenGate environment.




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