OGG-00868/ORA-01291 – Missing log files with Integrated Extract

Oracle GoldenGate is reliant on the Oracle Redo Logs and Archive Logs when capturing transactions. Since I do a lot of testing on VMs (limited space) and in the cloud (limited space … don’t want to burn to much $), I often delete my archive logs. Normally this is not a problem; however, every once-in-awhile I delete more archivelogs than I should. This throws the IE into a state where it will not start because of OGG-00868/ORA-01291 – Missing Log Files.

On some level this is to be expected, but when you are using IE you have to remember that the extract is registered with the database. Since I’m using Integrated Extract, we have to reset how the extract is registered with the database. The below steps will show you how this should be done:

Note: Registering/Unregistering process have to be done at the container database (CDB) level.

adminclient> dblogin useridalias <alias> domain <domain>
adminclient> stop extract <extract_name>
adminclient> unregister extract <extract_name> database
adminclient> register extract <extract_name> database container <container_name>
adminclient> start extract <extract_name>
adminclient> info extract <extract_name>

Once the extract is re-registered with the database; the integrated extract will start.


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