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Understanding/Modifying Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Settings

Oracle GoldenGate Microservices provide a wide range of options from administration and security to enhance the replication setup and experience. The Microservices architecture makes interaction with Oracle GoldenGate much easier compared to the traditional Classic architecture. This architecture provides you with not one but four avenues to interact with GoldenGate to ensure replication is configured, […]

Improving URLs for Oracle GoldenGate Microservices using a Reverse Proxy

Oracle GoldenGate finally has a GUI/Web Page interface to work with the product. This has been a long over due and welcomed feature that was initally released with Oracle GoldenGate Microservices in 12.3. Since 12.3 and through 19.1, the Oracle GoldenGate team has been preaching the simplicity and securty benefits of using a reverse proxy […]

Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Upgrade – 12.3.0.x/18.1.0.x to

Oracle GoldenGate Microservices have been out for a few years now. Many customers have pursued the architecture in many different industries and have this in many dfifernt use-cases and architectures. But what do you do when you want to upgrade your Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Architecture? In a previous post, I wrote about how to upgrade […]

Find Docker Container IP Address?

This is just simple post for later reference, if I need it … In setting up some docker containers for testing Oracle GoldenGate, I needed to find the IP address of the container where my database was running (I keep my database in a seperate container in order not to rebuild it every time). To […]

Identifying the TNS_ADMIN for an deployment in GoldenGate Microservices

Setting up network routing/access with Oracle GoldenGate Microservices (12.3 and later) can be an interesting experience. As many in the Oracle space knows, you simply have to setup TNS_ADMIN to point to the location where your sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora files are located. This would normally look like this:   These examples still working for Oracle […]

AdminClient and Set Commands

AdminClient is the “new” command line utility that is used with Oracle GoldenGate Microservices. Initally, AdminClient was released with Oracle GoldenGate 12c ( and enhanced in each release there after. With this new command line tool, there are a few things you can do with it that makes it a powerful tool for administering Oracle […]

ServiceManager … Manually start/stop

Oracle GoldenGate Microservices, starting in 12c ( through 19c (, provide a set of services that you can interact with via a webpage, command line, REST API, and PL/SQL. All of which is great; however, for any of these items to work the ServiceManager has to be up and running. There are three ways configure […]