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Archive Enabled

This is going to be a short post.  As we work with databases, we want to make sure that we can recover without taking it down to perform a backup.  In order to do this we need to enable archive log mode in the database.  Lets take a look at the steps needed to place […]

Monitor an Import Datapump Job (impdp)

Often time I find myself having to do imports of data and during the import process customers are asking for status on the import.  To help alleviate these questions and concerns there are a few ways to provide a status on the import process.  I will outline them below: Use the UNIX “ps –ef” command […]

ORA-25401 – “Cannot continue fetches”

Tonight I had a customer call me requesting help.  When asked what the problem was, they did not really know.  All they knew was that production was having a problem and it needed to be fixed.  Customer suggested that I contact the on-site support; so after tracking down a phone number I was able to […]

Find Oracle patch set applied

Every once in a while you’ll need to find the patch level of your database.   With what I do on a daily basis, there are times when I need to gather this for many databases while on site somewhere.  The easiest way to get this information is from the OPatch utility.  The OPatch utility can […]