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OGG-00868/ORA-01291 – Missing log files with Integrated Extract

Oracle GoldenGate is reliant on the Oracle Redo Logs and Archive Logs when capturing transactions. Since I do a lot of testing on VMs (limited space) and in the cloud (limited space … don’t want to burn to much $), I often delete my archive logs. Normally this is not a problem; however, every once-in-awhile […]

Install OEM12c on DB12c – Unsupported Installation/Configuration – Only a Test!

Since the release of Oracle Database 12c, we all have been scrambling to review and document various aspect of the new database.  What is still there and what has been added or removed.  With over 500 new features it is a treasure trove for many.  For me, I’ve been curious about how Oracle Enterprise Manager […]

Clone a Pluggable Database – 12c Edition

With the introduction of Pluggable Databases in Oracle Database 12c, there is going to be questions on how to clone a pluggable database (PDB) either from the seed PDB or an existing PDB.  In the testing that I have done both in the beta program and with the general release creating a clone is fairly […]

Advanced Replication and Streams are dead! – 12 edition

As more and more people start to take a closer look at Oracle Database 12c, I believe more will start to see the usefulness in many of the new features.  However, at the same time many of the older features that everyone has come to love will be discontinued.  Two such features are the Advanced […]

It is official …… Here comes Oracle Database 12c

Well, it is official…..Oracle Database 12c ( has been released and can be found on OTN.     Enjoy!