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SPFILE for a CDB vs. a PDB

Recently, I have had conversations with users about Oracle Database 12c.  One question that often comes up is, how does the database manage the parameters between a container database (CDB) and a pluggable database (PDB)?  In order to answer this question, I had to work with my pluggable database setup in a test environment.  Before […]

Heat Maps – 12c Edition

Over the last few months, I’ve been slowly playing with Oracle Database 12c and various features within it.  One such feature has been the heat maps.  I was curious about heat maps during beta testing but didn’t have a chance to test it while there.  Since beta testing, I’ve been extremely busy with work items […]

Shutdown/Startup vs. Alter Statement – 12c Edition

When everyone finally moves to Oracle pluggable databases, one thing to remember is that stopping and starting a database is not going to be as simple as it use to be.  Shutting down and starting up a database is done simply with the following commands: shutdown normal shutdown immediate shutdown abort startup startup nomount startup […]

Where am I at: CDB vs. PDB? – 12 edition

All right, how many of us use the V$INSTANCE view to verify the instance name and current status of the database after we connect?  In Oracle Database 12c, we can still find this information from V$INSTANCE.  Breath a sigh of relief, for the moment!  What if I connect to a container database and then issue […]