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Using #DB12c PDB as a Repository for #EM12c…. Not so fast!

Last year, I wrote a post on how to setup Oracle Enterprise Manger 12c ( with Oracle Database 12c ( and what you could expect.  At the time the configuration was not supported by Oracle and I only did it to see if it could be done.  If you would like to read that post […]

#EM12c ( is released!!!!!

This is just a quick post while I’m waiting on a few other things to line up today.  For many of us, the long awaited Release 4 of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is out!  This release of OEM 12c has many exciting improvements and some really cool new stuff.  I cannot remember all of them, […]

Install OEM Agents silently in any environment

  Outlined in this post are the steps that I have used on many installs of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c agents in windows environments.  I have found that this is the simplest way to install agents on a windows box. Yes this will take some time to do one-by-one; however, the process is much simpler […]

Agent running yet OEM shows unreachable/metric collection error…what gives?

One of the most confusing (and frustrating) things with Oracle Enterprise Manager is figuring out why agents are not uploading from time-to-time.  This issue was worse in previous versions; in OEM12c the uploading issues have been somewhat corrected and do not seem to be that big of an issue.  What I have found to be […]

Upcoming conferences…some work still to do!

Just around the corner are two conferences which I will be presenting at this year.  I would say I’m excited about these conferences; however, I’m more nervous than anything else.  Sometimes it seems like there is not enough hours in a day to get everything done.  I’ll be ready to speak on the days I’m […]

The Percentage Of Requests That Resulted In Errors Is …..%

Part of our ongoing support and tuning of OEM 12c, I was woken up this morning by our help desk asking me to take a look at a critical metric error the OHS1 within OEM12c.  Typically, I would just tell them to ignore the error and move on.  For some reason this morning, think it […]

OEM PSU – work around required

Got into the office today to a nice warning from OEM; the warning is the following:  EM Event: Warning:Management Services and Repository – Average event dequeue time is 108 milliseconds, crossed warning (100) or critical (250) threshold. Dequeue time may get worse if queue table (EM_EVENT_BUS_TABLE) needs maintenance.  In researching this message within MOS, I […]