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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and pending Oracle GoldenGate status

I’ve been working with a customer for the last month or so.  They have implemented Oracle Enterprise Manager and looking to move all their monitoring into Oracle Enterprise Manager .  This is a good thing and I’ve been working on getting them moved over.  One thing they would like moved into Oracle Enterprise Manager is […]

Oracle GoldenGate in the AWR report?–A bit misleading

Today while I was doing reviews of AWR reports on a database, I came across a wait event that I was a bit surprised to see.  The wait event in question is “Streams miscellaneous even”.   Since I have been reviewing this environment for a customer for about two weeks, I know the customer is not […]

Oracle GoldenGAte ( and later) and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is quickly becoming the central monitoring tool for all of Oracle’s products (if not now, will be soon).  One product that Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c can monitor is Oracle Golden Gate.  For many shops, Oracle Golden Gate is monitored from the command line with scripts or manual processes.  Oracle Enterprise Manager […]