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Loading Tables with Oracle GoldenGate and REST APIs

With Oracle GoldenGate 12c (, you can now quickly load empty target tables with data from your source database. You could always do this in previous releases of Oracle GoldenGate, but the process has now been simplified using REST APIs and some scripting know-how. In this post, I’m going to show you, high level, how […]

Oracle Golden Gate 12c (12.1.2) released – Finally!!!!

Back in June, Oracle released Oracle Database 12c and everyone went nuts trying to download and start documenting the many new features.  One of the items within the 12c (database) release that I was curious about was how is Oracle Golden Gate going to work with multi-tenant databases.  As I was testing I noticed that […]

Database 12c/Golden Gate Integration – not so quick!

Ok, a few weeks ago I posted a blog about how Oracle Database 12c was moving away from Oracle Streams and Advance Replication.  That is still true; however, as I (and many of you) have combed through the documentation set for DB12c, there are still references to Oracle Streams and Advance Replication.  This got me […]