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Oracle GoldenGate Processes – Part 1 – Manager

Oracle GoldenGate is made up of processes that are used to ensure replication.  These processes include a manager process, an extract and a replicat process. The primise of this post is to focus on the manager process. In order to configure and run an Oracle GoldenGate enviornment, a manager process must be running on all […]

Installing Oracle Golden Gate 12c (12.1.2) along side Oracle Database 12c (

With the announcement of Oracle Golden Gate 12c, there comes a few new features that everyone is going to explore.  One new feature is the new way of installing Oracle Golden Gate.  In the past, the installation was simple.  Just copy the zip/tar file to the directory you want to install it in and unzip/untar […]

OOW 2013

Last year at this time I was preparing to attend my first Oracle Open World and to present on an OEM topic for the first time.  This year, not much has changed; yet a lot has changed.    This is due to the fact that Oracle Open World last year changed my career.  This is in […]

EM Express – 12c Edition

With the new release of Oracle Database 12c, Oracle has removed the old Database Console.  In its place they have given us Enterprise Manager Express (EM Express for short). Be default EM Express is configured for the traditional (non-CDB) or container (CDB) database if selected when using the DBCA.  In order to access a PDB […]

Agent running yet OEM shows unreachable/metric collection error…what gives?

One of the most confusing (and frustrating) things with Oracle Enterprise Manager is figuring out why agents are not uploading from time-to-time.  This issue was worse in previous versions; in OEM12c the uploading issues have been somewhat corrected and do not seem to be that big of an issue.  What I have found to be […]

Upcoming conferences…some work still to do!

Just around the corner are two conferences which I will be presenting at this year.  I would say I’m excited about these conferences; however, I’m more nervous than anything else.  Sometimes it seems like there is not enough hours in a day to get everything done.  I’ll be ready to speak on the days I’m […]

The Percentage Of Requests That Resulted In Errors Is …..%

Part of our ongoing support and tuning of OEM 12c, I was woken up this morning by our help desk asking me to take a look at a critical metric error the OHS1 within OEM12c.  Typically, I would just tell them to ignore the error and move on.  For some reason this morning, think it […]