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#GoldenGate Microservices (5 of 5) … Performance Metrics Service

This is post 5 of a 5 part post related to Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 Microservices and the final one on the HTML5 web page access. This series of posts will provide some details over the new graphical user interface (GUI) that has been built into Oracle GoldenGate 12.3. Performance Metric Service is the new performance […]

Agent running yet OEM shows unreachable/metric collection error…what gives?

One of the most confusing (and frustrating) things with Oracle Enterprise Manager is figuring out why agents are not uploading from time-to-time.  This issue was worse in previous versions; in OEM12c the uploading issues have been somewhat corrected and do not seem to be that big of an issue.  What I have found to be […]

The Percentage Of Requests That Resulted In Errors Is …..%

Part of our ongoing support and tuning of OEM 12c, I was woken up this morning by our help desk asking me to take a look at a critical metric error the OHS1 within OEM12c.  Typically, I would just tell them to ignore the error and move on.  For some reason this morning, think it […]

OEM PSU – work around required

Got into the office today to a nice warning from OEM; the warning is the following:  EM Event: Warning:Management Services and Repository – Average event dequeue time is 108 milliseconds, crossed warning (100) or critical (250) threshold. Dequeue time may get worse if queue table (EM_EVENT_BUS_TABLE) needs maintenance.  In researching this message within MOS, I […]