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Oracle Golden Gate 12c (12.1.2) released – Finally!!!!

Back in June, Oracle released Oracle Database 12c and everyone went nuts trying to download and start documenting the many new features.  One of the items within the 12c (database) release that I was curious about was how is Oracle Golden Gate going to work with multi-tenant databases.  As I was testing I noticed that […]

OOW 2013

Last year at this time I was preparing to attend my first Oracle Open World and to present on an OEM topic for the first time.  This year, not much has changed; yet a lot has changed.    This is due to the fact that Oracle Open World last year changed my career.  This is in […]

Identity Columns – 12c edition

Oracle has made it easier to define unique table columns with IDENTITY columns.  These are table columns that have been enhanced to support the American National Standards (ANSI) SQL key word IDENTITY.  These columns are meant to provide a standards based approach to declaring automatically incrementing columns which will simplify application development and making the […]