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Oracle GoldenGate Processes – Part 2 – Extract

The extract process of Oracle GoldenGate is used to perform change data capture from the source database.  The extract can be used to read the online transaction log (in Oracle the online redo logs) or the associated archive logs.  The data that is extracted from the source database is then placed into an trail file […]

Oracle GoldenGate Processes – Part 1 – Manager

Oracle GoldenGate is made up of processes that are used to ensure replication.  These processes include a manager process, an extract and a replicat process. The primise of this post is to focus on the manager process. In order to configure and run an Oracle GoldenGate enviornment, a manager process must be running on all […]

Macros and parameter passing macros with #goldengate

Replicating data can be a time consuming process to setup.  Fortunately, Oracle GoldenGate provide a few tools to help ease the  complexity of setup.  One of these tools is the “macro”.  Macros are used to simplify and automate the work associated with setting up and replicating data.  So what exactly is a macro?  Oracle defines […]

What parameters are leaving? – 12c edition

As with every release, Oracle improves on the database product line.   Part of this improvement is the deprecation of parameters in leu of newer ones.  The V$PARAMETER view has a column called ISDEPRECATED, which is used for indicating if the parameter is leaving or not.    SQL to find the parameters that are being […]

OPW-00001 – Unable to open password-file

Like many of us, we need to recreate the password file from time to time.  Today I had to change the name of a database with the NID tool.  As part of the process I needed to  create a new password file. The command is simple: $ORACLE_HOME\bin\orapwd file= ‘<location/filename>’ password=<password> I typed in the command […]