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Not your typical full recovery – PDB (style) recovery?

Ok, I’ve been working on a few writings as of late.  As I was working on one writing, I came across an issue with RMAN.  Well, I should say an issue that I think is a problem, yet Oracle says it is fine.  I’m wondering if anyone else has run into this issues.  The issue […]

Shutdown/Startup vs. Alter Statement – 12c Edition

When everyone finally moves to Oracle pluggable databases, one thing to remember is that stopping and starting a database is not going to be as simple as it use to be.  Shutting down and starting up a database is done simply with the following commands: shutdown normal shutdown immediate shutdown abort startup startup nomount startup […]

DB12c DBCA – Create a Pluggable Database

With the release of Oracle Database 12c, there is a lot of excitement and thoughts about multi-tenant databases.  This basically means that we can run more database while achieving  a smaller foot print on servers and within the infrastructure.  This concept of multi-tenant databases is actually going to make it cool again to be a […]

Common User vs. Local User – 12c Edition

Within Oracle Database 12c, there is new terminology being used for user accounts.  Oracle has come up with a concept called COMMON USERS and LOCAL USERS.  Ok, I know you are wondering what is the difference.  A COMMON USER is a database user whose identity and password are known in the root (CDB) and in […]